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Money rains down in German town

Money rains down in German townA German lorry driver, Marco Hilgert, 49, who won a contest "What would you do with 100,000 euros?" due to his most unique and original idea threw $96,810 euro notes from an elevated crane to groups of people waiting below.

To prevent any injuries and accidents, police limited the number of people catching the money to 10 per group, and Marco was also requested to throw the money in various phases instead of throwing them all at one go. No major injuries occurred throughout the event.

Marco kept the remaining 25,000 euros he won in the radio contest as he still has to repay the installments for his new home.

How I wish I was there! Maybe next time ...

More images and video after the jump.

Video: Reuters
Link & Image: QQ
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Well, just to be correct: The contest was called:"What would you do f o r 100.000 Euros?" That's an important difference.
I think Hilgerts idea was rather lame. He offered to give away 75.000 and keep 25.000. What of it!

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