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Mysterious Ice Chunk Falls From Sky

Crushed Ford MustangA block of ice weighing at least 23 kg (50 lbs) have fallen from the sky, damaging a car in the process.

Raymond Rodriguez was changing a tire when an 18-inch chunk of ice plummeted from the sky with a piercing whistle, then a metallic crunch. The ice chunk crushed the roof of a nearby Ford Mustang on Sunday morning. No one was hurt.

"I was scared," Rodriguez said, who was only feet away. "It's crazy, man."

The National Weather Service said conditions in Tampa were not favorable for the formation of large balls of ice, known as megacryometeors.

Link & Image: First Coast News
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Climate change is working:


Interesting info on megacryometeors. Thanks for the link, Joan. :)


Thanks for the detailed link on megacryometeors!

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