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Mystery light seen across Wales

UFOA mystery light was seen across Wales, and witnesses said the light lasted for several seconds. The flashing light reported "streaking" through the skies across much of Wales at breakfast time could have been a meteor, an expert believes.

The light was first seen at 0730 GMT, with one eyewitness describing it as a "long line, thicker at one end, bluey-green and flashing".

"Without having seen it myself I can't be certain, but from the description it sounds like a fireball, which is a big shooting star," said Jay Tate from The Spaceguard UK centre at Knighton, Powys.

Roger Reed of Milford Haven Coastguard said they received two 999 calls from people who thought a ship might have sent out a distress flare.

Swansea coastguards also logged a call by someone who had seen a similar light, he added.

"The colour of the light seen varied, we had two say it was white, and one say it was green."

Link & Image: Cosmic Paradigm
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