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A neat formula

Study=FailHere's a formula which proves that study = fail. Haha!

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haha, funny, but you can't break up "no study" into "no + study".

it's like saying

12 + 3 = 1 + 2 + 3

I guess that's as close as one can get to such a formula. :)

You cant count the no fail and no study as equal because that is not given. What is give is study= no fail so if you eliminate those you get no study= fail which was also given. Therefore you have faulty logic

I thought dividing by "No" is undefined???

He's not saying no study and no fail are the same things, he's factorising the No terms, getting +1 as there's 1 fail and 1 study, then canceling them out, and that is perfectly decent maths.

What is the problem, is that 'No' is a negative, therefore should be represented as a minus sign.

"Study = -Fail"

Therefore: "-Study = Fail"

In other words, "Study = No Fail", therefore: "No Study = Fail".

But whatever, it's still good :D

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