Passer-by catches falling child

bronxNew York police say a three-year-old boy who fell from the fourth floor window of an apartment was caught by a passer-by. 3-year-old Timothy Addo wandered out an open window and onto a fire escape, while his babysitter was in the bathroom smoking a cigarette. A neighbor caught sight of the boy and yelled down to two men on the street just before the boy slipped and fell four stories into their waiting arms.

In a brief statement, police said the boy was caught by a 39-year-old man passing under the window.The boy was taken to hospital with just minor cuts and abrasions to his head and face. They caught the child after spotting it hanging from a fire escape.

"He was coming down pretty hard, so hard that when he landed in my arms my sneaker just flew right off and I fell down to the ground," Mr Navarez told CBS 2 News.

The brothers said the baby then bounced off Mr Navarez's chest and into the arms of Mr Gonzalez, who then also fell down.

Great catch guys!

Link & Image: NY1
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