Pigs can play the piano too!

Pig playing pianoThey're known for their flavour and intelligence – and, now, musical aptitude! Believe it or not, Zoo conservation student Katie Mason has taught her pet porkers Rupert and Penny to tinkle a toy piano made by Fisher Price.

The five-month-old piglets wait for a command before sitting on their hind legs and bashing the keys with their trotters and snouts.

Katie, 25, keeps the pigs at her parents' farm in Manaton, Devon, and is now teaching her pupils to play the tambourine.

'Rupert is definitely my star pupil. He picks commands up much quicker than Penny,' she said.

'As soon as I say “piano” they run off and bash the keys.

'It's not exactly Beethoven yet – they can't hold a tune – but they're just babies.'

So, will they be playing the drum soon?

Link & Image: Metro
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