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Pillow fight, a new "sport"

Pillow FightEvery Thursday night and Sunday afternoon in Toronto, a group of women get together with a bunch of pillows and have it out on a mat.

It's practice for the Pillow Fight League, a new "sport" in which there are currently 22 fighting members and a male commissioner whose name is Stacey P. Case. The only rule is that there must be a pillow at the point of contact. Other than that, almost anything goes - including punching, kicking, submission holds and smothering.

"We've created a new sport," Case explains. "They're not joking around; the fights are real. The girls are going for martial arts training, boxing, and then they're applying a pillow to it."

Like with any league, there are rules - fights are won if a competitor is pinned or surrenders, or if the referee stops the fight. If the fighters are still standing after five minutes, a three-judge panel determines the winner. And, yes, the pillows are all regulation - medium-sized, man-made fibres only - bought during a raucous testing session at Honest Ed's.

Two more images after the jump.

Pillow Fight
Pillow Fight
Source: New York Post & Eye Weekly
Images: China Daily
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and i thought my pillow fights were violent

It does seem like a pretty violent sport, except that there's some cushioning involved.

I'll rather have a pillow fight with my little cousin who's 3 years-old instead.

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