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TV chef, 9, to write book

Shi YulanThis girl is a TV chef in China and she is only 9 years old.

Shi Yulan, from Shanghai, is now writing her own recipe book, reports Qianjiang Evening News.

Shi has been working in the kitchen at home for almost as long as she has been able to walk. She said: "At two-years-old, I already helped my mom by washing bowls in the kitchen and I started to cook for the family for fun from the age of six."

Shi hosts a cooking show for a local TV station and in her spare time she is writing a book recalling her cooking experiences and many of her cooking recipes.

"I am doing the actual cooking job and my mom is beside me shooting the whole process since we want readers to get a clear picture of how to make these dishes besides the text," she said.

Link & Image: Ananova
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A big well done to her, i hope it sells i know i would buy one. I have been cooking since i was young but i am still way to young to host a cooking show. Good luck Shi.

looks delicious (the girl)

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