World's Largest Yacht

YachtRoman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire is getting himself a new yacht. It will be the largest privately owned yacht in the world.

The Eclipse, currently taking shape in a shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, is expected to boast two helicopter landing pads, three launches, several hot tubs, a private cinema, a swimming pool and a submarine. It will require a crew of at least 50.

Some of these features appear on the yachts of other billionaires, but the size of the Eclipse is unprecedented. Informed sources say it will be 550ft long — edging out what is currently the world’s biggest yacht, Dubai, the 525ft floating pleasure palace, owned by Sheikh Maktoum, the emirate’s ruler.

The Eclipse is expected to carry a miniature submarine, which could be an escape vehicle for Abramovich and his wife Irina in the event of onboard danger.

Source: Times Online
Image: Luxist
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Veron said…
I can so totally see him bringing his Chelsea players on board for partying — although I doubt Mourinho would be part of it.
Spluch said…
Perhaps he should consider constructing a "mini" soccer field on his yacht as well.
Benges said…
That is really big thing.
Anonymous said…
At first I thought "Isn't Germany landlocked? Shouldn't they be building this somewhere with a coast?" But a quick check of Google Earth shows a river port with container ships in Hamburg. Carry on!