Youngest sex-change patient in the world

Tim or KimEven at the age of two, Tim insisted he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

As a child, Tim liked to play with Barbie dolls, enjoyed wearing dresses and, from the age of two, insisted that he was a girl. And when puberty began to approach at the age of 12, he convinced his parents that something had to be done.

With the agreement from his parents, he became the youngest sex-change patient in the world, receiving hormone injections which arrested his male development. Now, at 14, Tim has become Kim – a blue-eyed blonde with a growing bust line who is allowed to wear make-up at weekends.

Psychiatrists treating her say she was an ‘exceptional case – a person clearly in the wrong body’, even though the decision to grant her wishes when she was so young is still the subject of intense debate.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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