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Lars Erik Fisk's Bus Ball

Bus ball
Bus ballCheck out Billy F Gibbons' Lars Erik Fisk's latest rolling art creations, which he calls it a "Bus Ball"! I wonder if it really moves, or does it just roll?

Link & Image: Coker

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"Bus Ball" is actually the work of sculptor Lars Erik Fisk. Unfortunately, the piece was recently wrongly credited to Billy F. Gibbons on http://blog.coker.com/, the blog of Corky Coker. Since Corky's posting, many other blogs have linked to the story about Fisk's Bus Ball, but have similarly misinformed readers about the actual artist. While many people have tried to post comments on Corky's blog to correct the information and fairly credit Lars Erik Fisk, the efforts have been repeatedly and not-so-mysteriously deleted. I'm not sure why the Corky Coker blog is so adamant about wrongly attributing "Bus Ball" to Billy F. Gibbons, but it would be nice if the rest of the blogs interested in the story could make an effort inform people of the truth.8013643375

Thanks for the correction Zak!

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