Condom applicator is Soth Africa’s most beautiful object

Pronto CondomsBelieve it or not, a condom applicator has been selected as ‘the most beautiful object in South Africa’ at the Design Indaba Expo, which is being held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre this week.

The applicator, which was invented by Willem van Rensburg and designed by industrial designer Roelf Mulder of …XYZ Design, received the title ahead of 14 other objects, chosen in a project sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture.

PRONTO - the disposable plastic applicator which does away with the need to unroll a condom by hand - can be applied in just three seconds! It’s a lot more convenient to use, compared to an ordinary condom. Although not yet on the market, the condom applicator will be priced at between 25 and 30 rand ($3.50 to $4.25) for a pack of three, about the same price as other condoms.

Watch the product demo after the jump.

Video: Pronto Condoms
Link & Image: Pronto Condoms via SA Good News
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