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DIY Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit

DIY Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit
DIY Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit
Kids can’t help but get excited about saving the planet when they see their own model car zoom across the floor powered by nothing but water! Fuel-cell technology is the environmentally friendly wave of the future.

The water becomes fuel before kids’ eyes as electrolysis (powered by a solar cell) breaks it into its separate components of hydrogen and oxygen, creating a gas that is then stored for use by the fuel cell when it’s time for the car to get going.

During the building process, children from age twelve can use the included 96-page Experiment Manual as a guide to performing thirty experiments on such subjects as the effects of direct and indirect radiation, the characteristics of a solar module, constructing and loading a reversible fuel cell, and decomposition of water in the fuel cell, plus they can design experiments of their own. The kit contains everything children need to build and experiment with their fuel cell and car (except 1 quart of distilled water).

Thanks, Raluca !

Link & Image: Amazon via PCNews
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