High-tech machine claims to drop you a dress size

Slim MachineThe owner of Sousan’s Spa has a high tech machine that is able to help its customers drop a dress size in just an hour. All that one needs to do is to relax in the machine without moving a muscle. I am sure ladies would find this treatment especially useful. For a quick fix that is.

Allami says the secret is in a space-age looking pod that she calls "the slim machine," and a concept called "hydro fusion". Sousan claims the machine's combination of vitamin-infused steam and infrared heat burn 2,000 calories in an hour, helping you drop a dress size. "If you get in this machine for one hour, you're going to lose almost two pounds," said Allami.

The process starts with a powerful massaging suction over problem areas. Then you're painted with oils, wrapped tightly in a gauze-like fabric and a plastic suit, and it's into the pod. All you have to do is relax while the pounds melt away.

Fitness trainer and nutritionist Keith Klein says the weight loss is simply water weight. He says a body's weight fluctuates one to four pounds every day, based on their hydration levels. To make the point, Klein weighs himself. He's 208.5 pounds here, but immediately after drinking a bottle of water. He weighs 210! But here's the part that surprises us. Klein tells us if you're looking for a quick fix, this is actually not bad.

An hour treatment will run you about $150.

Link & Image: ABC13
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