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Musically instrument made entirely from matchsticks

UkuleleThis fully functional musical instrument known as the ukulele was made entirely from matchsticks.

Jack Hall from England, U.K. proved that a ukulele didn't need to be made with conventional tools or from the finest materials to play well, sound good and be beautiful to look at.

This one-of-a- kind 1984 ukulele was made entirely from used wooden matchsticks...10,000 of them painstakingly glued together with 2 lbs of hide glue.

Construction was completed in four hundred hours...working five hours per day.

The ukulele is in the book of Guinness World Records, 2003 Edition. Abbreviated text says, "Tony Hall (UK) owns 10 playable musical instruments made entirely from 106,000 used wooden matchsticks." The professional musician who performed with the ukulele said, " The tone and sound is great and it is a pleasure to handle and play."

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