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Stretch that neck - World longest necks

Long necksAdorning their necks with brass coils, the women of the Padaung tribe in northern Thailand, have exceptionally long necks, since their custom prescribes that girls before puberty begin to wear coils that are augmented until they weigh as much as 11 pounds. The coils force the chin upward while pressing down the collar bones and ribs, elongating the neck.

Traditionally, only Padaung girls born on a Wednesday of a full moon were destined to have their necks fitted with the coils, but now other youngsters are enlisted to meet the tourist demand.

Only initial discomfort is reported after the coils are set and as the distance from ear lobe to collar bone lengthens to as much as 10 inches, more than double the average. The only danger posed is if the coils are removed. Suffocation could result since the neck muscles are so weak they cannot support the head.

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Long necks
Long necks
Long necks
Long necks
Long necks
Long necks

Link & Images: CRI
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this is a very interesting information... i had never heard of it before.... your blog is full of so unique and wonderful posts.... i liked the lovely photographs of your blog as well ...u can sometimes drop by My Blog as well ...hope u will like it!!!

Thanks for the compliments.

mrrr....they actually won't suffocate or die or anything like that.
It was more the embarrassment of having a bare neck than anything that they removed some of the coils after adultery or such.
But no, they actually take them off periodically to be cleaned, refitted, or in case the brass is causing them to itch.
The coils actually don't support their necks at all. it's more the weighing down of the coils that pushes the shoulders down, and makes the neck longer, not the other way around. The space between the neck and coils is such that they can put their hands inside the brass to clean.
Just my little tidbit. It is a fascinating culture, though. Reminds me a bit of footbinding, though.

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