Ubuntu 6.10 with XGL & Kiba-Dock

Windows Vista has some eye candy doesn’t it. The new alt+tab, the preview of windows on the task bar. But Ubuntu 6.10 with XGL & Kiba-Dock has just about all the features Vista does, and some which it doesn’t. You can use the middle mouse button on your desktop to spin a 3D cube, each side of the cube contains one of your desktops. This isn’t static images either as it's all real time. However, I'm not sure how much memory and CPU is used up.

Click on the video to watch all the action!

Source: YouTube
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Jon said…
It actually runs very smoothly, as long as you have a decent videocard. Almost all of the work of doing it is handled by the videocard, so your other resources remain free. I run it with an nVidia 6600 an have no problems.
Spluch said…
Thanks for sharing your experience Jon! I'm also an Ubuntu user who's too lazy to update/upgrade my machine. It's about time to do some work again...