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White 60GB Sony Playstation3 sold for $1,425

White PS3Sony's initial launch of its PlayStation 3 saw thousands of fans lining up around electronics stores with their pockets brimming with cash -- and lots of it. Some even started bidding wars on eBay due to the high demand.

However, PS3center decided to put a little twist to their original black unit and turn it into the world's first and only white PlayStation 3 - and succeeded in selling it for $1,425! However, it is still unclear on whether its warranty has been voided.

After seeing what happened to the Playstation 3 market on eBay, we quickly realized that we won’t get much for our black PS3. PCN then decided to put a little twist to their unit. We created the world’s first and only white Playstation 3. This is a full replica of Sony’s Prototype.

Sony released 3 colors for the Playstation 3, black, silver and white. At the moment, only the black Playstation 3 is available on the market.

More images after the jump.

White PS3
White PS3
White PS3
White PS3
White PS3
White PS3

Link & Image: eBay via PS3Center
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