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Centralia - the burning town

In case you didn't know, meet the town which the film Silent Hill was fashioned after - Centralia!

In 1962, a little fire in Centralia (Pennsylvania) migrated into an exposed vein of anthracite coal under the town. The flames on the surface were successfully extinguished, but the coal continued to burn underground for many years. In 1984 the fire was completely out of control and the city had to be evacuated.

Nowadays, Centralia is an abandoned and ghostly place. The fire still burns beneath the town and there is enough coal to feed the fire for up to 250 years!

The ruins of Centralia no longer exists on some maps. Most of the buildings have been razed, and at casual glance the area now appears to be a meadow with several paved streets through it. According to Wikipedia, the only indications of the fire are low round metal steam vents in the south of the borough, and several signs warning of underground fire, unstable ground, and carbon monoxide.

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