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Woman consumes more than 25 kg of food per day

Woman with eating disorder250g of fatty meat, 3 pieces of Dim Sum, 1 bag of instant noodles, 5 sesame seed biscuits and 10 kg of water are on the lunch menu of this 44 year-old woman.

This skinny lady from Beijing started binge eating since 4 years ago and no longer enjoys tasting food. Instead, she consumes at least 25kg of food and water just to fill her stomach, but always vomit after every meal due to excessive eating.

In order to avoid being much of a burden to her family, she always pick up expired foodstuffs from a nearby food factory - packing at least 10 kg per trip! Amazingly, she never gets any food poisoning or stomach upset after consuming them.

Due to her illness, she is unable to get a stable job and she rarely visits other places except her mum's place.

The doctor who examined her explained that she has a eating disorder which is due to the emotional stress of her divorce in 1991.

That's what love can do to you - either bring you happiness or cause you misery.

Link & Image: ChinaNews
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