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World's largest chicken egg

EggThis chicken egg is spotted at Jiangshu Province, Wu Qiaozhen Village, China. With a length of 9.4 cm, diameter of 6 cm and weighing 198 grams, it is the largest in the world. The previous record holder has a length of 7.9 cm, diameter of 6.4 cm and weights 176 grams.

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WTF! Chicken egg? Are you sure?
How did this thing get out?
Ok, you don't need to answer that.

Yes, a rare find.


No picture of the chicken can be found... but it should look normal.

We have chickens, and they lay huge eggs to. One egg was 5cm in diameter and 8cm in lenth. And it wasn't the biggest we had, I forgot to measure it. Also the chickens that lay those eggs are around 10 lbs. They look like turkeys!

Wow! So what did you do with those abnormally large eggs?

My chickens (free range) just laid an egg around 8cm long, and our chickens are just normal size. Not large at all, in fact some of them are quite small, so I'm not sure it's the size of the chicken that makes for a large egg.

I have a regular small free range chicken that layed a egg april 2 08 arguably as large as worlds biggest if not extremly close it is 9cm long and 17cm diameter

There are several other sites that claim to have the largest egg also. One says 12oz, the other says 1 lb!! Not sure who is correct. Anyway, we have an egg that was just over 200g. Our poor hen died several days later!!

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