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Believe it or not - Palm sized T-Shirt expands to actual T-Shirt size using cold water!

Expandable T-Shirt
Expandable T-Shirt

I'm not really sure whether this is true, but apparently this palm-sized T-shirt is able to expand to an actual T-shirt size just by soaking it in cold water! But it does look rather thick, doesn't it?

View the process after the jump.

Expandable T-Shirt
Expandable T-Shirt
Expandable T-Shirt
Expandable T-Shirt

Source: QQ
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It's definitely true, it's been out YEARS ago and it's a good fun for kids and some adults too!

I've love to try it out if I get the chance. It's just so fun and interesting - you get your shirt wet not for washing but to actually expand it!

I've seen little packages of handtowels like that. So a t-shirt that does the same thing is no surprise. Cool, but no surprise :)

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