Boy gets toilet seat stuck on his head

Toilet SeatBritish firefighters said on Wednesday they had come to a boy's rescue after he got a toilet seat stuck on his head which he couldn't get off.

The toddler, aged two-and-a-half, and his mother walked into a fire station in Braintree, Essex, on Tuesday saying the boy had put his head through a small trainer seat for the toilet and now could not remove it.

"His mum had tried to get it over his head but couldn't budge it so she walked him down here and asked us to have a look at it and we went to work and we managed to get it off in no time," firefighter Chris Cox said.

We simply put some dish washing liquid on his head and ears and it slid off nice as pie."

He said the boy had been "very brave" and "toddled away as happy as can be" after his ordeal ended.

Source: IOL
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