Cat falls from 28 Storeys Building and hits passer-by

Cat hits womanA live cat fell from a 28 storey building and hit the head of a 56 year-old passer-by.

After she was struck by the "flying assasin", Madam Tang Mei Rong felt giddy for a couple of minutes. Upon recovering her senses, she saw a dead cat covered with blood that was about 3 meters away from her, and realized that the cat was the item that struck her head. Witnesses said that the cat twitched several times before it died.

She then called the police using her mobile phone and was sent to the hospital for a checkup. No major injuries were found and hence she returned home to rest.

Madam Tang is now trying to locate the cat owner, and if that fails, she will be suing over 200 households that might be the cat owner!

Link & Image: QQ
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