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Chihuahua may be world's smallest dog

DancerMeet tiny Dancer, a rust-colored, long-haired Chihuahua that may just be the world's smallest dog, weighing 18 ounces and standing not much more than 4 inches tall. Dancer's owner, Jenny Gomes, said the diminutive Lake County canine may be on his way to being named the world's smallest living dog by Guinness World Records.

A neighbor of Gomes, who lives in Okahumpka, abandoned a female Chihuahua a year ago. Emaciated and near death when found, the dog was pregnant.

"We rescued her, and two weeks later she gave birth," Gomes said. The first puppy was a normal-sized female. "But about two hours later came Dancer," Gomes said. "He was about a quarter the size of his sister. He was about as big as my thumb."

Dancer eats every three or four hours because of his size. His only health problem is low blood sugar.

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Image Gallery: Orlando Sentinel
Source: Orlando Sentinel via Cute Overload
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....Just over 4?
That's only from breast to top of head, not including the ears ;|

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