Couple washed away by rushing waves while posing for photo

Couple washed away by tide
Couple washed away by tide
Couple washed away by tideA Beijing couple insisted on taking photos with rushing waves in the background despite warnings from their tour guide. As a result, they got caught in the rip tide and nearly got themselves drowned!

The Pacific Ocean tsunami center issued a tsunami warning, as the nearby islands of South Pacific Ocean had experienced an earthquake. As a precaution, the tour guide had reminded all tourists repeatedly during their "photography break time" that everyone must pay attention to their own personal safety; and he even advised everyone not to go near the beach. However, the couple did not listen as they wanted to snap a photo as a souvenir.

Luckily for them, a second tide swept them back near the shore, and other Chinese tourists nearby quickly helped them back to safety.

Link & Image: Yinsha
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