An encounter with tigers in a ball of steel wire

Arnd DrosselThe German performance artist turned the conventions of the zoo on their head by putting himself inside a cage and allowing the big cats to view him as a curiosity.

His stunt was one stop on a 220-mile (354 km) roll through the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia to raise money for, and awareness about, psychiatric patients.

He accepts that some observers will judge him 'a stripe short of a tiger' for including this particular area of the Stukenbrock Safari Park on his route.

But he insists his protective capsule - 250 high-grade steel strands welded into something resembling a massive ball of wool - is strong enough to keep him safe. Drossel, 38, who designs furniture for a living when not suffering for his art, will eat, sleep and move in the ball.

He propels it by simply shifting his weight in a walking motion, and aims to cover 13 miles a day.

'I got the idea for this because, about a year ago, I hit a low and realised how little help there was out there,' he said.

Link & Image: This Is London
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