Live octopus tentacles for dinner

This video shows fresh octopus tentacles being offered in a restaurant in South Korea which is kind of gross.

Cyrus Farivar shot, uploaded, and tentatively nibbled. "They calm down after a little while, but then when you go after them again, they start up again," he says, "It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen brought to a dinner table."

Yeah, I have been to South Korea sometime ago and encountered this "store" which was selling live octopus next to a rocky shore. According to the local tour guide, one has to chew really fast to prevent the suckers from getting stuck onto the teeth. Also, divers (woman) who catches these stuffs on the spot needs to be able to dive to a depth of some 50 to 100 feet all while holding their breath without the use of diving equipment. The end result of holding such long breaths is that these divers don't actually live long.

Source: Cyrusfarivar via Boing Boing
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