Man pulls passenger jet with ears

Manjit SinghA Leicester man is hoping to walk into the record books after pulling a passenger jet with his ears.

Manjit Singh, 57, from Highfields, pulled the aircraft 12 ft (3.4m) along the apron at East Midlands Airport, at Castle Donington in Leicestershire, UK.

He said he will now send off video footage of the record attempt to be verified by officials at the Guinness World Book of Records.

The Jetstream passenger plane weighed approximately 7.4 tonnes (7,500 kg).

Manjit already holds 30 world records, which include pulling a double decker bus with his hair and lifting 85 kg with his ears.

Source: BBC
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Anonymous said…
The BBC should make their mind up. Either the plane was 7.4 tonnes or it was 7,500 kg. It can't be both.