Man walks away unharmed as house explodes around him

Destroyed home of Jimmy BrownA pensioner had a miracle escape when a gas blast destroyed his home while he stood in the kitchen - and walked away unharmed.

Pensioner Jimmy Brown, 70, had just returned from a walk with his dog Bessie when he lit a gas ring to make a cup of tea - and his 500-year-old stone cottage exploded.

Jimmy BrownThe spectacular blast on Monday demolished the entire front of his house, hurled masonry 50ft (15m) into the air and filled the street with rubble and glass.

But because Jimmy was at the epicentre of the explosion it hurled all the debris away from him and he suffered only minor injuries.

Terrified neighbours rushed from their homes to see the pensioner stepping out over the remains of his house.

Amazingly, he then ventured back into the house to search for his corgi-terrier cross - and emerged through the flames moments later cradling it in his arms.

Witnesses reported a scene "like a Hollywood disaster movie" and said it was a miracle no one had died.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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