Mystery fossil turns out to be giant fungus

What Prototaxites might have looked like in their prehistoric landscapeScientists have identified the Godzilla of fungi - a giant, prehistoric fossil that has evaded classification for more than a century.

A chemical analysis has shown that the 6-metre-tall organism with a tree-like trunk was a fungus that became extinct more than 350 million years ago.

Known as Prototaxites, the giant fungus has intrigued scientists, who originally thought it was a conifer.

A Prototaxite fossil
Link & Image: New Scientist
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Anonymous said…
This is the most amazing fungus ever discovered! It stood for millions of years while the sedimentary layers formed layer by layer, year after year until it was completely covered in sedimentary rock. The fossil stands vertical through the layers which can be clearly seen in the photo. That is one durable long lasting fungus!
Spluch said…
That's why nature never fails in surprising me!