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Real-life spider-men? Italian researcher says it's possible

SpidermanAn Italian researcher is working on a project that could lead to the development of a real-life 'spider-man' suit.

Nicola Pugno, a 35-year-old researcher at the Polytechnic University of Turin, says he has spent the past 10 years working on a form of adhesion based on the feet of gecko lizards.

"It's a field that can have very interesting applications in science, like in space, for example," Mr Pugno said. "An astronaut could use a suit with a suction-cup adhesion system."

Feet of gecko lizards
He estimates the suit could be constructed in another 10 years.

The gecko's feet are covered with tiny hairs called setae that allow for strong adhesion to different types of surfaces. Mr Pugno is seeking to mimic the effect of the setae, though several problems remain to be worked through. His suit, he said, is to include extremely fine, sticky filament.

Source: ABC
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