Short mom gives birth to baby girl

Christianne RayNewborn Krysten Elise Ray may not have to work very hard to grow taller than her mother, Christianne Ray, who stands 2-feet-nine-inches (0.84 meters) tall, and became perhaps the smallest mom in Washington when she gave birth this week.

Krysten Elise was 14-inches long and weighed 4 pounds and 8 ounces when she was born Tuesday via Caesarian section at the University of Washington Medical School, hospital spokeswoman Clare Hagerty said Friday.

Health problems put the baby in the neo-natal intensive care unit, where she will stay for weeks before she can go home, the hospital confirmed. The 19 year old mother, who was 35 weeks pregnant when the baby was born, was being discharged Friday, Hagerty said.

Source: Examiner
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becky829 said…
Go Christianne Ray !!!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic story, all the best to you all,your daughter will be proud of her parents as you will be proud of her. I am from the UK and i wanted to show you that we are not all against what you did. Hope the driving lessons are going well and you will be let loose on the highway soon.
in_my_hidingplace said…
I have just watch the progamme about urself ur partner and your little girl and how you have shocked the world to become a mom, and i would like to congratulate you onyour wonderful daughter and wish u both all the appiness in the world. Hope your wedding day is everything u wish it to be and hope you also pass your full drivng test soon.

Best of wishes from the UK

sweetkevalou said…
What an inspiration the 3 of you are. Please don't let anyone get you down. What sad people they must be inside to not see the beauty in all of you. Good luck to you all & may all your hopes & dreams come true.
Johnny said…
Hello Christianne,

My wife and I just saw your story on TLC and we decided to drop you a line. We think you are the most normal person on TV. Congratulations on your baby and marriage. You guys look like great parents.

Johnny & Becky
Weslaco, Texas
Anonymous said…
You obviously have overcome many obsticles and have many more to go. I lost a very dear friend who was a little person. In all the years I knew him, I NEVER heard him whine (except when he was cut off at the bar). In the short time I watched your program, ALL YOU DID WAS WHINE! Have you ever listened to yourself? Good luck to your husband, I hope your daughter takes after him.
Anonymous said…
Christianne, You are a very lucky lady. You have portrayed to me anyway, that you value life, love, and family. Jeramy, You are also a very lucky man. I applaude you for being able to stay true to your heart. Love but only comes once in a life time. Hold on to it, cherish it and live it. I am married to my best friend, it will be 25yrs this fall. We met when I was 14years old. He is my best friend, my husband, and my lover. I want for nothing and need nothing as long as I have him. We have 2 beautiful children, the first which was born 14 weeks early. What I have learned from that "minor" bump in the road, is to live life and love life. My best wishes to the both of you and your baby girl. Terri from Hartland Vermont
Reality In Texas said…
What a brat!!! A little person or not this girl is way to immature to have a child. I think all of you need to look past her size and see the person. If she was 5 feet tall would you feel the same way???
Johnny said…
You do make a great point. Keep this in mind though, if she was 5 feet tall would she be the same? Her attitude could derive from her disability. If I was completely disabled I would be a baby too.
Anonymous said…
Critianne,Jeremy and baby. I don't care what people say, you 2 have a love like no other. Don't listen to what others may say. You are both beautiful people and your daughter is absolutely adorable and truely a gift from God. This story touched my heart. Jeremy, you are such a wonderful guy. Very few to find in this world. You are amazing! Critianne, you look like an amazing mom and may God bless your family with love and happiness always! Sincerely,Mrs. D
I do not find myself inspired very often in this day and age, but I have to say that your story has done just that. I was so disgusted by the horrible emails you read on the show, it shows how ignorant people in this world still are. I have always believed that love can be found anywhere and when you find it you should hold onto it for dear life. I am so happy for you both that you found each other and you don't let what others think change what you have. You have a beautiful child and the love you give her is evident. I wish you much luck in your life and may all your children be blessed. There should be more people like you both in this world, if I knew you both I would be honored to call you friends.
Wendy from Las Vegas, NV
Anonymous said…
Fantastic, me and my husband just watched your show on Discovery Health. We were searching on the web for some pictures of Kirsten.
She is so adorable!