Unusually large feet for a lady

Large Foot21 year old Shen Xiaojing lives in Nong'an County, China. She was born with an unusually large feet where her right foot is 32 cm long and 12 cm wide while her left foot is 30 cm long and 11 cm wide. The size of the big toe on her right foot at 7.5cm long and 4.5 cm wide is equivalent to that of a baby’s foot. However, the same toe on her left foot is entirely normal. Her second toe is also quite unusual at 9 cm long and 3.5 cm wide.

Shen Xiaojing has reached marrying age but due to her giant feet, most young men has been frightened away. Shen has only two wishes: see the world and get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Link & Image: Shuangyashan
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Anonymous said…
I don't think it's the size of her feet that's the problem per se. The deformity of the toes would be off putting to me.
Spluch said…
She's still young and looks alright.. there's plenty more of chances to find her Mr Right!
Anonymous said…
I'm no expert, but this looks a little like Marfan syndrome to me.
Spluch said…
If it's Marfan syndrome, she should seek treatment soon! People with this syndrome typically live till 40 if the patient does not receive medical attention.