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A bicycle made for three

TrioBikeBaby transport has undergone something of a revolution in recent years with designers capitalising on the “yummy mummy” market to offer sportier versions of the pushchair. Now one company has taken the idea one step further with the trioBike, a carrierbike, pushchair and bicycle all in one.

The aluminium-frame seven-speed trioBike can attach a carrier to seat two children under nine-years-old. There are seatbelts, and the company, having developed their design with the Danish National Consumer Agency, say it is the “safest carrierbike children can ride in”.

A spokesman for the company said it was the perfect flexible solution for parents on the move.

He said: “A carrierbike is a fantastic invention for transporting the kids in. “But once the kids have been delivered in day care and you are working the pedals, it is probably one of the most useless inventions.

“With our trioBike, you can easily take of the front carrier and change the carrierbike into a bike and a pushchair.”

Link & Image: DailyMail
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