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Coke sets largest ice cream float record

Largest ice cream floatThe world's largest beverage maker on Friday kicked off the holiday weekend by creating a 10-ton ice cream float to break a world record the company set nearly a decade ago.

An official from Guinness World Records confirmed the 3,000-gallon float, made of Vanilla Coke and ice cream, set the new world record.

A tanker from the Atlanta-based company's syrup plant pumped a non-carbonated mixture into a specially made 15-foot-high (4.6 meters) glass containing a device that carbonated the beverage. Workers dropped buckets full of ice cream into the top of the glass by hand.

The event commemorated the soft drink giant's relaunch of Vanilla Coke, said Coke spokesman Scott Williamson. It was held next to the new World of Coca-Cola museum, which opened Thursday.

Link & Image: Philly.com via 13gb
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