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DIY: Funny vegetables molds for shaping your vegetables!

Vegetable Molds
These DIY plastic molds enable anyone to create "faces" for their growing vegetables. Simply fix a mold over a growing vegetable, and the vegetable will conform to the shape of the mold.

Such molds are available in the form of an elf for shaping eggplant, melon, pumpkin, and squash, or the “pickle pair”, corncob or heart (makes heart-shaped cross sections when sliced) for use with cucumber, zucchini and summer squash.

The molds can be used repeatedly. With zucchini, you can create a new shape every week!

Thanks, Raluca !

More images after the jump.

Vegetable Molds

Vegetable Molds
Vegetable Molds

Link & Images: PCNews
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