Fridge still going strong after 50 years

Old FridgeThe year was 1957 and Mrs Rowarth paid 65 guineas for the appliance. That sum - the equivalent to £1,100 ($2,200) in today's money - was a month's wages for her husband Ian, a teacher.

For half a century later, her British-made Prestcold cooler is still going strong, now sitting in her daughter's farmhouse kitchen.

Rowarth's daughter Sally Garrod said "My mum and dad were having an extension built and bought a bigger fridge and gave this one to me. It has been working every day for 50 years."

Although the fridge has never broken down, it has suffered a little wear and tear. "The door of the freezer compartment has broken off, the interior light has given up and of course it has to be defrosted regularly," said Mrs Garrod.

The mother of two uses the fridge to store plastic four-pint containers of milk, yoghurt, margarine, vegetables, raw meat - and occasionally a supply of chilled beer. And she uses the cool enamel top for rolling pastry, a tip she picked up from her mother.

Link & Image: This Is London
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