Going to the extreme with world's hottest chili sauce

Hottest chili sauceMark McMullan from theChlieman.org have created the world's hottest chili sauce. The sauce which is 300 times hotter than a jalapeno is made from the rare naga morich chili.

The Naga Snake Bite sauce bottle boasts it is "like drinking cobra venom".

After a teaspoonful of the sauce, I think I would have preferred the venom. At first, the sauce kids you. It tastes nice. Fruity. Tangy even. I could taste the tomatoes; I even picked up a hint of ginger.

Seconds later, the taste is smashed by the heat. My mouth started to burn - and I mean really burn. It was like pouring petrol on a bonfire.

I felt like I was chewing white-hot coals. I almost ripped the fire extinguisher from the wall.

There was nothing to do but swallow. But the raging inferno would not go that easily. Even after the sauce was safely down my throat, my mouth sizzled. When I exhaled, I expected to see smoke. You could have fried an egg on my tongue.

Ten minutes later, I was still gulping down milk. Even my eyes weren't safe - when I rubbed them half an hour later, they burned too.

Source: The Northern Echo
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