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Hebei's elderly man creates pagoda with more than 10,000 recycled ice cream sticks!

Mr Guo from Hebei loves handicraft and calligraphy. Last summer, after noticing that many people were littering the streets with ice cream sticks and affecting the environment, Mr Guo started picking up and cleaning the sticks and storing them in shoes boxes.

During one of his walks, Mr Guo noticed the pagoda of Kaiyuan Monastery extending high up in the sky, and decided to create a model of the tower from the junk, so as to promote recycling.

Mr Guo used more than 6 months and 10,000 ice cream sticks to complete this "ice cream stick pagoda" -- a model based on the pagoda. This wooden pagoda has a diameter 50 centimeters, reaches a height of 130 centimeters and closely resembles the pagoda.

The pagoda of Kaiyuan Monastery(開元寺) in Dingxian(定縣) Hebei has a quarter of the whole tower broken off, hence one can see much of the its interior. At 84 meters, it is the highest pagoda of Chinese architecture. With a history of 1000 years, this pagoda has survived many earthquakes and storms throughout the years.

Find out more information on pagodas from here.

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