Hold on to your trousers... it's the world's fastest loo!

Port-O-JetPaul Sender, a mechanic, fitted a Boeing jet engine to a portable toilet and zooms around in it at speeds of more than 70mph (112.6 km/h). A really funny creation!

Mad-cap mechanic Paul Sender has driven his amazing portable jet-propelled convenience and claims it provides the ultimate seat-of-your-pants ride.

The speeding loo - dubbed Port-O-Jet - is powered by a 1,000bhp Boeing turbine engine and shoots out 30ft (9m) long fire balls. Paul, 43, spent £5,000 ($9,975) creating the wacky water closet out of an original portable loo.

Watch the video of it in action after the jump.

Video: Akamaistream (WMV file)
Link & Image: DailyMail
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Anonymous said…
Ye gods. This is old news - I read it in Endgadget back in 2004...