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Karate kid gets green belt despite having no legs

Gregg WarburtonMiracle boy Gregg Warburton can deliver a killer karate kick and cutting blow on his opponents - despite having two artificial legs and a small, deformed hand.
The determined youngster has been amazing his parents and friends since he was baby and had both his lower limbs amputated at the shin.

The ten-year-old wears custom-made false limbs over his stumps so that he can run about - but has to use a wheelchair when he gets tired.

Gregg passed his yellow, orange and green belts at the same time as his mates and even takes part in competitions.

Gregg WarburtonThe rules are bent slightly to allow Gregg to wear his trainers - because it is difficult for him to balance and grip the floor properly on artificial legs.

Gregg, of Leigh, Lancashire, took up karate at the age of six after an instructor came to his school for a special one-off session - and he begged his parents to let him go to the classes.

"Gregg just took everything in his stride and started adapting moves and concentrating on ones he can do well.

"He can do the kicks, the balances and the punches with his right hand, although he can't make a fist with his left.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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