Man stays awake for 11 days breaking previous record

Tony WrightCornishman Tony Wright has stayed awake for 11 days and nights to find out the effect sleep deprivation had on his brain.

After five days he recorded in his online diary visions of "giggling dancing pixies and elves" appearing on his computer screen, such was the impact that going without sleep had on the 42-year-old.

But apart from the dancing pixies and some blisters on his feet from all-night pool playing, writer and researcher Mr Wright appears to have come through the experience unscathed.

Monitored by webcam and CCTV, his daily routine consisted of eating a diet of raw food - including fruit, salad, seeds and nuts - drinking herb tea, writing his blog for BBC Cornwall and chatting with friends.

At other times, he appeared to be suspiciously motionless, prompting concerns for his safety and sparking rumours that he had nodded off.

On Friday he claimed to have beaten the record for sleep deprivation, although the Guinness Book of Records no longer recognises attempts at the challenge.

Link & Image: BBC
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