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Most Luxurious Bus?

Most Luxurious Bus
This bus is rumored to be the most luxurious bus. It looks so cozy and beautiful that it reminds me more of a hotel rather than a bus. Would anyone be kind enough to provide us with a bit more information regarding this bus?

More images after the jump.

Most Luxurious Bus
Most Luxurious Bus
Most Luxurious Bus
Most Luxurious Bus
Most Luxurious Bus
Most Luxurious Bus

Source: Xinhua
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1st – This Vehicle is not a 'Bus' it's a 'Motorhome' built in the USA
2nd – The name of this 'Motorhome' is 'Newell Coach'
3rd – Their website is : http://www.newellcoach.com/flash.html
The 'Newell Coach' has the largest floor space (with 4 slides) of all 'Motorhomes' and 'Bus Conversions,' is always a few years in advance for different gadgets compared to all others even 'Bus Conversions'
Bus conversions sell from $850,000 to $2,000,000 (Crystal - Gold Plated and you name-it) in the US they usually are built from 'Prevost Car' built outside Quebec City in the Province of Quebec Canada, they are owned by 'Volvo'
Bus Converters website :
Vantaré by Featherlite Coaches @ : http://www.featherlitecoaches.com/
Marathon Coach @ : http://www.marathoncoach.com/
Prevost Car I'm giving you the 'Bus Shell Page,' look at the H3-45 and XLII series the 'XLII Entertainer' are for the bands and signers on tour @ : http://www.prevostcar.com/cgi-bin/pages.cgi?page=conversion
From Prevost's website, other 'Bus Converters @ : http://www.prevostcar.com/cgi-bin/pages.cgi?page=conversionspecialists
There's also 'MCI Coaches' that do 'Bus Shells' @ : http://www.mcicoach.com/
Click on 'Bus Shells'
But the best of all is still the 'Newell Coach' it's the roomiest it's built to your layout, i.e. you and the designers decide were and what length and depth, front door or centered or both 1and a half bathroom, a Murphy bed so to convert the rear stateroom into a 2nd living room all of the mentioned can not be mounted or built on a 'Bus Chassis'

The same as Bus Converters these coaches are all electric (electric coaches) meaning that they do not have 'Propane (LP) Gas' on board, appliances, air conditioners are all electric from batteries or a generator or when park in a 'Resort*' you plug-in to a 50amp outlet and . . . – Also you choose with the decorator all the goodies you and your spouse desire such as 'Crystal chandelier or gold plated sinks, or marble floor or counters, or heating floors, or a remote so to closes your blinds or drapes or drop-down the 42" plasma and have your CD player play the and on and on and on all from your recliner or you name-it Newell Coach will build to your personal taste and the price could go up to a couple of million US dollar. And your own paint scheme.
* Resort here's one in Florida in Naples call 'Pelican Lake' @ : http://www.pelicanlake.com/
May God Bless you all,

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