Scientists develop 'exercise pill'

PillWhen it comes to winning the battle of the bulge, we've been told exercise and diet are the best ways to do it. But what if you could get a six pack in a pill?

A new study by researchers from the Salk Institute may have done just that, at least in mice. Scientist and pharmaceutical researcher Doug Kalman says it's possible to activate specific fat burning receptors in our bodies.

"When you activate these receptors, it encourages these cells to use more fat for energy and you store less fat," said Dr Kalman.

In our chromosomes, there is a gene called ppar-delta. Previous studies have shown while normal mice gain weight on a heavy diet, when the gene is switched on they are resistant to weight gain, and have more endurance.

In the latest study mice were injected with a fake fat that triggered the gene to turn on and the mice never became fat, no matter how much they ate.

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Video & Source: Cbs4
Image: Selva / Flickr
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