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Stairs and storage

Stairs storageWhy didn't I think of this? If you’re having some stairs constructed why not consider this. Handy and hidden, a great storage idea for linen, winter woollies, books and papers, anything small in fact.

Source: IndianPad
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very dangerous. Someone leaves a drawer open. Someone stumbling up or down the stairs in the dark one night. One dead or injured homeowner. One lawsuit perhaps.

True enough. People have to be extra careful when using such drawers as accidents may happen; but it's a neat hiding place, that's for sure!

Or, maybe you shoud use an drawer that closes itself automatically, either by spring loading it, or just tilting the drawer, so it naturally closes up. This is a very nice way to use the space behind you stairs, as it is sometimes hard or impossible to use them otherwise

That would be an excellent way of solving
this problem... Why didn't I think of that?

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