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Taxi to Greece to avoid airports

Kathleen Searles and Wendy TurnerAn 89-year-old woman took a £2,000 ($3,968) taxi trip to Greece - because she can't stand waiting in airports.

Kathleen Searles is fascinated with history and Alexander the Great. So, to visit Mieza, where he went to school, she ordered a cab to take her on the three-day journey through France, Germany and the Balkans.

She made the 3,000-mile round trip from her home near Sudbury in Suffolk, Britain, after persuading friend Wendy Turner, 73, to join her and share the taxi fare.

The fare was £2,000 ($3,968) but with food and accommodation the cost was £5,000 ($9,920) when a plane trip would have been £130 ($258).

For Mrs Searles it was the trip of a lifetime as she had wanted to see where Alexander had learnt the things that had made him "great" - even though she only spent four hours there.

Video after the jump.

Video: BBC
Link & Image: BBC
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