Zebra or White Horse?

Fake Zebra
The owner of this "Zebra" claims that it's from Africa and was charging 5 bucks per ride. Many parents claim that from one look they can tell that it's a white horse with black stripes painted on it, but they don't complain since their children are having a great time.

A reporter actually had a close look at this "Zebra" and found that it greatly differs from a real Zebra. Unlike zebras, this animal had only pure white hair at its white areas. When he tried confronting its owner, the owner confidently claimed that it is indeed a Zebra from Africa!

Ironically, the reporter spotted a white horse that was a few meters away, which looked exactly like this "Zebra", with the exception that it had no black stripes!

The reporter stood around the area for 5 minutes, and within this period the "Zebra" managed to attract 3 customers.

To reconfirm the authenticity of the "Zebra", the reporter went on to contact the Zoo management who were unable to provide further details.

I guess humans never run out of ideas to make money!

Link & Image: NetEase
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