3rd-Century Man Preserved in Salt

Salt ManDuring the Roman Empire period, just after the fall of Parthia, a salt mine worker from northwestern Iran lost his life following a catastrophic rock collapse. Approximately 1,800 years later, the man's body — preserved in salt — was discovered in the very spot where he died, according to recent Iranian news service accounts and to a report issued by the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies.

Since salt prevents bacterial growth and acts as a drying agent, the unfortunate accident victim became a rare natural mummy. He is the sixth "salt man" to be found at the Chehr Abad mine in Zanjan province.

Link & Image: Discovery Channel
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Kailar said…
Umm...the Romans were never in Iran, in reference to your mentioning of a "Roman Period".

You are correct that (one of the bodies) was from the Parthian period, but the rest of them were form the Sassanid and Achaemenid perioids