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Beer can boat completes journey

Beer can boatA nine-metre boat made entirely from empty beer cans has completed its maiden voyage from Ipswich to Brisbane, Australia.

Army reservists Brad Gillam, Rob Meharg and Chris Taylor used an estimated 8000 FourX Gold "tinnies", glued together with more than a dozen cartons of silicone, to build the boat after lamenting the lack of fishing spots near their hometown of Toowoomba 12 months ago.

But the project took on a special significance when Mr Gillam and wife Belinda lost their 12 week-old daughter Saraya to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in January.

The three day journey along the Brisbane River from Karalee was held in the little girl's memory and has helped raise nearly $60,000 for the SIDS and Kids foundation.

The crew made several stops before docking at Bulimba naval barracks for a mock naval ceremony.

Despite suffering a few dented cans along the way, skipper Mr Gillam, 29, said the vessel had held up well against the rain and strong wash from passing City Cats.

Source: Brisbane Times via Arbroath
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Cool story. This is some serious recycling indeed! Would have loved to have been at the empty-ing of the cans party :) ...just doin' my part!

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